With Vast experience in the marketing and distribution we formed new company by the name of Aghas International in year 2005.

Company Profile

The first brick of Aghas International was established in 1956. At that time four brothers started a business in the Rang Mahal Market, Lahore. They did their business pleasantly, nicely, honestly and enthusiastically and become well know business at that time. Then they decided to expand their business to wholesale market and for this purpose they were shifted towards Shah Alam Market, Lahore
In ShahAlam Market they have built and excellence name and repute in the field of distribution. They were well known with the name of firstly AGHA BROTHERS and then ZARKI TRADERS all over the Pakistan and province wise. They have enjoyed the distribution of the following brands:

Aghas International

In july 2004, they have decided to come in the market with their own brand. So at that time ZARKI TRADERS was converted to AGHAS INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. And the very first brand of Aghas International (PVT) LTD, is ADORE under the umberalla of Adore brand so far Aghas International launched 3 products hair color, Shampoos and Hair remover cream and lotion. We believes that high quality is the unique way to company success., company adopted very advance technology in product packaging such as metallic aluminum tube. We are the first companty who uses this very advance technology and we also adopted shrink rapper instead of sticker or label for shampoos as it is used internationally. Company also used Metallic graver printing in hair remover cream and become the first Pakistani company who adopts this technology in the hair remover cream. Company gets a very good position in market in very short time. Now adore become a mouth word in consumer market and this is our achievement.


Some words about Mr.Agha Muhammad Akram (LATE)

He can be said as a a base and foundation for AGHAS INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. He is the key man for the establishment of this company. He is so excellent in customer dealings that people still remember him in great words. He knows importance and value of all those marketing techniques like customers satisfaction , trust, faith, honesty, customers relationship and so on which are taught in different colleges now a days. He has given such a golden rules to this company that the company is getting success day by day only by acting upon these rules.